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How to create a template

To create a custom template for your MinecraftMarket store you will need to have a Premium Account, Premium Lifetime Account or Enterprise Account. If you have a Free Account you are limited to set templates and colour schemes for your store.

Where to find the ‘create a template’ section:

To find where to create a template you will need to login to your account and head to your user dashboard. From there use the side navigation and look for the ‘Design’ menu item that sits under the ‘Settings Section’ and click on it.

  1. After you have clicked on this section you will be presented with the Marketplace Interface on the right hand side of the screen. This section once activated will allow you to purchase themes that the community have created and apply them to your store.

  2. Now to create your own template, look at the menu at the top of this screen and click on ‘My Templates’.

  3. Once in this section you will see a list of all your created templates. In this case you will probably not have any templates so the list will be blank.

  4. To see how to create a template see the section below

Creating your first template:

  1. After following the above section, look for the button that says ‘Create Template’ and click on it.

  2. A popup window will show asking you to name your template and select a base template to theme it off. In this case there will only be one base template called ‘default’ which is the default theme of all MinecraftMarket stores and a great place to start. If you have previous templates you can also base your new template off any of these.

  3. After you have named and selected your base template click create and your template will take a moment to process and then show in your template list.

  4. A suggestion which can help with development is to also make a pure default template that you can go back to, to reference the standard theme and it's code. This will be useful in case you remove sections from your template and need to find how to resolve them.

Editing your New Template:

  1. Next to your template you will see 3 options ‘enable/disable, edit and delete’ these are pretty explanatory but if your template shows ‘disable’ it means it is your current active template.

  2. Click on the ‘Edit’ item to get to the file list of your template so you can edit the base template files and add new css and javascript files

  3. Inside this file list you will see the default files and 3 folders. The core file for the template is called ‘base.html’. Inside this template you will see the sections that are called throughout the theme and from there you can find where to edit select sections.

  4. The 3 folders that are in this first level of the file system are explained below
    - Modules: Inside this folder are the files for each module which you can modify and style as needed. The modules section can be found when viewing your store on the right hand side of the default template.
    - Includes: Inside this folder you will find all the global sections of the theme. Some of these include the footer section, header section and navbar of the site.
    - Static: Inside this section is where you will create and place any custom CSS or JS files for your template that will be autom placed inside your templates header with the ‘User added stylesheet files’ code in the base.html template.


A more advanced version of this guide is in the works with a possible video guide will be developed shortly. For any more information or help head over to our Discord and ask any questions on how to modify your templates in our #general chat