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How to set up categories

To create a category you will need to go to the "Categories & Items" section. From there you will be able to create categories and items, view your existing content and change the order that categories and items display on the webstore by dragging them with the arrows button (the higher the category is listed the further to the left it will be displayed on the webstore's navigation).

On the category edit page you will be able to edit all the details and settings related to that category. Here are all the settings and what they mean:

Parent category:

Want to use this category as a subcategory then you need to choose what the parent category will be for it.

Display type:

Show just the items or show them with the image you added on their settings.


How should the items be ordered.

Default: Items use the order you use in the "Categories & Items" section.

Ascending: Order the items by the lowest priced one to the highest.

Descending: Order the items by the highest priced one to the lowest.

GUI icon ID:

What minecraft item should we display in the in game GUI. You can use item ID or name.

Purchase limit:

Should we limit this item? if so you can set the limits in the "Price limit" and "Item limit" options.

Cumulate item purchases inside this category:

The cumulate categories feature enables your users to upgrade from one item to the next by only paying the price difference between the first and the second item.

Delete pending expiry commands of other items in this category with every new purchase:

If enabled after a user buys a item we delete all the pending expiry commands from other items in this category.

Disable items that have a lower price than the current purchased item:

Placeholder Text

Do not display this category in the subcategory dropdown menu:

If enable this category won't be displayed in the subcategory dropdown menu.


if enabled this category will be displayed in the webstore.


Once you have finished editing the category you can click "SAVE" and all the changes will take effect immediately.