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How to set up PayGol

Here's how you can set up PayGol with 8 simple steps:

  1. Create a PayGol account here.
  2. Go to "New service" in the PayGol account panel.
  3. Then you will need to fill in the details as follows:
    • Name: name for your service.
    • Type: set to "Integrated".
    • Price: this data is not used.
    • Report Email: PayGol will send notifications to this email.
    • URL Background (IPN): set to
    • URL success and URL cancel: leave blank.
    • Link website: your webstore URL.
    • Description: enter a short description of your service.
  4. Select the countries you would like to accept payments in, then enter the code in the bottom field and click "Save".
  5. Go to "Payments -> Gateways" at the MinecraftMarket control panel.
  6. Click "ADD GATEWAY" and select the PayGol logo.
  7. Set the ID and Secret key of the service you just created on PayGol.
  8. Configure offset (tutorial) and click "SAVE".

After it's done saving you will be able to use PayGol at checkout.