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Create a Custom Javascript
  1. Open your Dashboard and navigate to Design > My Templates and select the template you wish to edit by clicking the ‘edit’ button.
  2. Once the template file list is shown click on the folder called ‘static’.
  3. Inside this folder you will see two more folders, click on the folder called ‘js’.
  4. Click on the green icon to create a new file, a modal popup should show where you can name this file. Name it something along the lines of custom. There is no need to name the .js as this will be placed after the file name once you confirm the save.
  5. Once you have saved this file it will take you to the previous screen where you can then open the file.
  6. Once the file is open you can then edit the content to add your javascript code and formatting as needed.
  7. If you are pasting in existing javascript code from an external template make sure to minify it so it does not take up too many lines incase the file does not save.
  8. Save the file.


You now have added a custom javascript file to your template as this template is called inside your html automatically via the built in code included in all default templates.