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How to set up a Category with a Product that gives an item in-game once purchased

For this example we will be giving the user who purchase a product on your store 1 gold block. Please note, commands set for this example are valid in MC 1.11 and higher.

  1. Login to your account and navigate your way to ‘Categories and Items’.
  2. Create a Category and name it ‘Currency’.
  3. In this Category place some text inside the ‘Description’ and the ‘In-game Description’ tabs.
  4. For this example we will skip the settings section of this page. To find out more about these settings please see the information in this article.
  5. After saving the category you will be directed back to the ‘Categories and Items’ page.
  6. Now it's time to create a product that will give a user ‘1 Gold block’ when purchased. Click on the ‘Add Item’ button to start this process.
  7. Once the item creation screen is open, name our item ‘Gold Block (x1)’.
  8. Next fill in the ‘Description’ and ‘In-game Description’ as required.
  9. In the items settings set as needed but remember to assign the product to the ‘Currency’ category.
  10. Now to set up the Command that will be issued once the item is purchased and the payment is validated.
  11. Firstly make sure that the dropdown item that is selected is set to ‘initial’ this will make sure that this command will be issued when the product is purchased.
  12. After this it's time to place in your desired command, in this case place the following ‘give {name} gold_block'. The variable {name} is the username used when the user purchases a product on the store.
  13. Next you will need to click on the cog icon to open some more options, this is not a required step but it is good to set up once to understand it.
  14. In these additional options set the server that the command will be issued on, if it's required to be placed in a specific slot and if the user needs to be online for the command to be issued.
  15. The next part of the additional settings you can set if you want to delay the command after the validation of payment and to repeat the command in game at a set interval made by you (eg every 6 hours for 4 cycles will mean the command will be issued 4 times in 1 day).
  16. Save the item and you are done.


What happens after a user purchases this product?

After a user purchases this product and the payment is validated the command will be sent to the server where it will be issued and the user should receive their item if the command you have input is entered correctly.

If you have placed in multiple commands these will all be issued in order. Testing these commands before publishing your product will make sure you have a seamless purchase experience.